Here Are Eight Styling Tips To Remember:

1) Love your body and it will love you in return. With appropriate layering, you can enhance your strengths and conceal your flaws.

2) Adopt timeless silhouettes instead of following trends. They never go out of style.

Plan your wardrobe around neutral basics that work for all seasons.

4) If you are heavy on the arms, avoid full sleeves or thin straps. Instead, opt for sleeveless, magyar or elbow sleeves.

5) Wear what you love and feel comfortable in; don't be afraid to break the rules if you need to.

6) Choose one accessory that makes a statement. This can be a pair of earrings, a scarf, a chunky neckpiece or even statement rings. They add to your personality.

7) Do not wear anything tight or body-hugging. A light, relaxed fit is always the best.

8) Look for colors other than black. Sometimes, black just adds to one's size and makes one look like a whale. Tones like navy, emerald, and marsala work wonders.

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