Here Are Some Tips For Creating A Productive And Happy Workplace

The following are 16 of our favorite ways to create a stimulating work environment that will have your team working better than ever.

1.Providing easy access to all parts of the office

A long, unbroken row of furniture can make one feel like a rat in a maze, and no one likes to feel that way. Low desks can exacerbate the feeling of being "confined" if they are arranged improperly.
If you work in an open office space, arrange the desks and tables in small groups with plenty of space between each. This makes moving around the office a lot easier and eliminates the feeling of being a sardine in a can.

2) Divide open spaces
Your employees' focus and productivity can be seriously affected by noise and movement, especially in large, cavernous spaces. Even the smallest noise or activity can disrupt your employees' concentration in an open office layout. It keeps distractions to a minimum, but it makes employees feel like a rat in a cage.

3.Break up the wide-open spaces with bookcases, plants, shelves 
anything that provides a change from rows and rows of desks. You can also create a sense of privacy by separating work areas with large pieces of furniture, such as filing cabinets or storage lockers.

4) Get an Office Mascot
Cat in an office setting
When we say "mascot," we're not talking about an employee dressed as an armadillo or a ferret. We're talking about a dog or cat living at your office (or at least coming to work every day).

Recent research by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) shows that pets at work improve work/life balance, reduce stress, and boost productivity. These are great things when you're trying to make your team happier.

There will be food, exercise, and periodic walks (unless you get a cat, in which case all you need is food), but you will be happier and more productive.

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