Supply chain issues have extended through the inner planets, wreaking havoc for the Belters with major delays. Terrestrial shipments remain reliable.

Our finance teams are working hard to finalize all permitting and required documents to accept GC. Interruptions in the Cygnus blocks have pushed our timeline one or two light years back in time.

A number of our customers have had issues with 100% cotton t-shirts during initial WARP power up. Please make sure all cotton products are stored in a Faraday Cage before entering hyperspace.


As the risk of Alien Shedding has increased over the past few decades, we do not accept returns that have been worn by any E.T. with exoskeletons or mucus membranes.

Due to the nature of your binary star system, some of our products experience a type of bleaching, causing the colors to fade. While we are happy to process all the returns (which there are many) we'd like for you to consider this effect as a unique style, only available in your planetary system. Customer photos have been shared in our community page, resulting to a number of requests to print shirts with this particular "Reticuli effect." Perhaps we can partner up?